Hey Motivation, Where the F%&K are You?

So after about 8 weeks of traveling, food poisoning, socialising and just generally not being a good little fitness girl, this week I am back into it with a vengeance as I lost my motivation. I’m going to the gym and doing my PT sessions, I am watching what I eat and making sure it’s as clean as possible. I’m going for walks with Trontrooper and I am visualizing the glorious clothes that I will fit back into.


It’s fucking hard.  I love them gym. I love working out and I really fucking love weights. I could lift them too. Biggish ones. Until this week. After only 8 fucking weeks of stopping, my fitness levels have gone from hero (in my mind) to zero. Talk about frustrated and mad and just generally this noise –>


Even doing 40 sec rounds are killing me. I finish my sets, and I do what I need to do, but I have had to draw motivation from different places. My head manufacturers excitement and energy like a toddler who ate a whole bag a white processed sugar in one sitting. Seriously I have no off switch and I love a good challenge, but this week, it’s just not there, and so I had to resort to some differnt tactics to work my ass off.

I want to share with y’all my tips for finding motivation when you just don’t want to and its really, really fucking hard to workout.

Cheesy Metal & Punk Covers

First (and always first) is music. I used to workout exclusively to fluffy trance, commercial dance and techno (when I was mad) and I thought it was the only thing that could motivate me and hype me up. This changed about a year ago to old school 90’s and that turned into old school grunge, alternative and just plain angry tunes. After having a great weights session but being crazy sick fg my playlists, I did some spotify searching and found heaps of playlists with METAL & PUNK COVERS. And my fucking god they are amazing. Like, as in that’s ALL I listen to in the gym now. Until you have heard Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” screamed at you with mad drums and guitar, you havent lived I tell you! Miley Cyrus “Wrecking Ball” goes from its original cool to beyond awesome. I could list them all, but just google “Pop goes Metal” or “Pop goes Punk” and you will be so glad you did.

Revenge / Proving People Wrong

{image – gymandmotivation}

Yes, I’ll go there. Sometimes the only thing that keeps me going is the desire to prove people wrong. Each rep is met with a voice in my head reciting a name that I feel has wronged me in the past or has hurt my feelings because of my appearance. I get all righteous and proud and think, “I’ll show you FUCKERS!” and I daydream about seeing these people and being really strong and being able to pick up more slabs than them in one go (seriously, you can take the girl outta the country but you cant take the country outta the girl) I’m a really nice person. I know this. I have a bunch a incredible friends and they love me and are proud of me. I should’nt care what people who are no longer in my life think / do / say. I SHOULDN’T, but I do. I care because those experiences were a part of my life when I didn’t have much self worth or control over my thoughts and feelings. No that I’m adulting, and doing a kick ass job (My life is fucing awesome) I can care about those comments, cause while they hurt me then, they only annoy me now, and did I mentioned they make me stronger and motivate me 😉


The Scales

There is much debate about scales. With cries of “throw them away” and “only weight once a week” or “tell by your clothes”, I feel a little nervous about saying I weigh myself every day. And I mean everyday, even on mornings after big boozy nights out, after the take away splurge, on holidays. Every. Single. Day. “Why! Are you crazy?” I hear you ask. No, I am not. “Do you like self torture?” to be honest, yes, a little. What I like is keeping myself accountable. The daily fluctuations also help me work out what’s good for my body food and exercise and what’s not. I use all the other methods to gauge muscle growth, fat loss, etc, but I like knowing everyday. The guilt that comes with a sharp increase kicks my ass right back into gear and off I go again. Mad at myself, annoyed but overall determined and very fucking motivated.

So there you go, sometimes I need more then I have to get me going, and that’s really fucking fine by me!

What are some of the things you do for motivation?

Love xxx

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