about me

Weight pics Progress

I am on a mission. A mission to get fit. A mission to be a better version of me. And I am going to do it. I hope by sharing my journey, I might just inspire others to make the decision to change their fitness.

Its not so much about how much I weigh but more about size, shape and being strong and healthy. I am also becoming a runner! Never in my life did I think this would ever happen.

Currently trying to have a baby with my incredible husband, however I have PSOS, so losing weight is becoming a pretty big deal.

I was never the fit kid, always the fat one. I never really got into sports as I was more of a Drama girl, however I have always adored swimming. Water is so important to me. In my early 20s I found netball and loved it. Now in my 30s I need to get my shit together as it really does get harder the older you get!

Thanks for sharing this journey with me.