Five tracks to get you hyped and ready to workout.

As mentioned about a billion times on this blog, I love my music, and I really need it to workout, and live, and for EVERYTHING!

The following 5 tracks are my go to songs to get me motivated for specific workout types

Running – Out of Space by The Prodigy

One of the first ever bands I fell in love with, and the band that got me into dance music (sorry Haddaway, you did too, but just not as much as these guys) I have all their albums on Vinyl, CD, and digital editions. I have seen then 7 times. Out of Space reminds me of every single live performance I ever saw and when I head out to run, and I hear the cheeky loops and intro, I just run and its great!

Weights – All my Life by Foo Fighters         

My most fave band in the world. I could actually insert any one of their tracks here and it would be sufficient Dave Grohl’s raw voice and the guitar riffs and drums, if just get me going. I also have a very strong emotional connection to the music so I can call up a memory that motivates me to work my ass off.

Swimming –7 Nations Army by The White Stripes

The baseline in this track just glides your strokes though the water and gets your head into the zone. I feel powerful and I swim my first few laps fast and it just sets the mood for an amazing swim.

Walking – Seven Cities by Solar Stone

It’s like every single time I listen to this track, I get bathed in a glorious sunrise and I can actually feel the glow. I walk around the city or the bay and everything on my walk looks clear and crisp and pretty. And I walk looking up and I smile at people and its fucking awesome. (Although I think I freak some people out hahaha)


Sport – Your’e Gonna Go Far Kid by The Offspring

SO DANCE FUCKER DANCE! Those 4 words get me so hyped up and run and jump and hit things with bats and throw balls and just run amuck! Seriously I get so amped that I think I could take on a motherfucking world of zombies during the apocalypse!

So go! Listen to these loud and get active! What are your go to tunes for working out?


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