Protein balls in a bowl

Protein Balls in a Hurry

I love snacking on protein balls and while they are easy to make, doing it from scratch can take a bit of time. I’ve been super busy with work and travel lately, and making some balls has been on my to do list for ages. I’ve been having a protein shake here and there, but if I don’t have snacks, I never eat enough. After seeing my friend Loving Emily Jane making these on Instagram I knew I had to try them! I had never heard of The Fit Foodie before so I stalked her Instagram and found that you can buy a premix of dry ingredients mix for clean protein balls. The price is ok at $14.95 per bag, so I got two flavours. Cookie Dough and Vanilla & Coconut. The postage to SG was was $18.00 for 2 bags.

Firstly, the package is pretty, simple and easy to follow. All I had to add was honey, water and coconut oil.

The Fit Foodie Protein Ball Mix

The ingredients are light and fluffy and smells fantastic due to the vanilla and coconut, which both happen to be some of my most fave smells on earth!

Raw mixture

All I had to do was mix the honey and the coconut oil together. You do need to make sure the coconut oil is at room temperature so that it mixes with the honey and does solidify.

Honey and coconut oil

Then you just made a well in the mixture and pour it in, and start mixing. I thought about using my bench mixer to do this, but the ingredients blended really well and it didn’t take long at all.

Adding wet ingredients to dry ingredients

You will know when the mixture is ready for rolling as it gets quite sticky and all clumps together.

Consistency for rolling balls

Now comes the messy and FUN bit of rolling the mixture into golf ball sized balls. The mixture rolls very well and doesn’t stick to your hands at all.
Rolling size for balls

The packet says it will make about 15 balls, however I ended up with 20! (YUM) Once all the balls are rolled, put them on baking paper on a tray and pop into the fridge for 30mins for it to all set.

Protein balls on a tray

Totally easy-peazy! These are super delicious and I will totally make them again. If you want to know if you can eat these and they fit into your diet / allergies / etc here is the ingredients and nutritional panel. Ingredients and nutritional values

Enjoy! If you have time, and you like amazing protein balls from scratch, you should check out these two amazing recipes from Sonia Osborne. Her Magic Balls and Velvet Chai Balls are so good.


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