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Hiking – My New Obsession Part 1

I’ve fallen in love with hiking! Like head over fucking heels. I’ve always loved walking, so I guess it’s the next step lol. Although with all the fitness things I’ve fallen in love with, I really don’t know who the fuck I am! I have been travelling in the United States as you will be well aware if you follow my Instagram or Facebook page. I was away with my awesome friend Kim and had so many adventures! Which brings me to this post!

The Outdoors

I am terrified of the outdoors. Not all the outdoors of course, just the outdoors with snakes, spiders and sea snakes. Oh and bloody dolphins but that’s another story… actually just google how

Caution rattlesnakes

horrible they are! So back to my story. Being outdoors in scary bush and stuff is not something I do a lot. as I get older I get way more scared which does not help. Even though I grew up in rural Australia with ALL THE SNAKES AND SPIDERS (at least there were not sea snakes I guess) I still can’t handle some outside stuff. Which brings me to how weird it is that I am now a fully fledged member of the WE LOVE HIKING Club!

When I booked this trip, I decided to add fitness things into the mix, which is something that I have only recently started doing. Planning trips the in the past revolved around drinking, spas and partying. Not saying I don’t still do this, just that fitness was never a thought. Fast forward to arriving in LA. Averaging about 8 hours sleep over 2 days, I got myself ready to meet the guide I had booked at Griffith Observatory. I found Trevor from The Los Angeles Hiking Company via my best friend google and he was fantastic at accommodating me for a private hike, as I was only in LA for one day.

The Hike

The area is so beautiful and there are stunning views of Downtown LA, the Hollywood sign and the San Gabriel Mountains. The path was very easy to navigate and there was only one “oh shit”moment when we went of the track a little and I got a little funny about the height and the drop! We had non alcoholic bubbles and snacks at the top and Trevor told me so many amazing facts and stories about the park and Hollywood while we hiked.

Runyon Canyon LA
Runyon Canyon

Furthermore because I am a complete sucker for pain, the next day I took MYSELF to Runyon Canyon and hiked! Now this one is much fucking steeper and a bit more hard work. I won’t lie, I started up the East Trail all fucking confident and then not even half way up I lost me shit and sat down and all the people with their dogs and their kids and co were walking past me sort of checking in. Then this lovely man with his dog could see that I was totally fucking petrified and offered to help me down which was so amazing!

So then I chose another path, put a few more kms in, then called it a day. I’m going to spam you now with some amazing pics from the hikes.

love jazzy xxx


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