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The Draft Transformation Thursday

In conjunction with FitnessFest 2017, #TransformationThursday is a 5-part weekly series that aims to inspire everyone to kickstart their fitness journeys by platforming life-changing stories from individuals that have taken tremendous steps to lead a healthier life and get moving.
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First run of 2017!

Just went for my first interval run of the year. Having had a rather headfuck day, I didn't workout in the morning, and I was being a sooky la la. I was watching the news and argh! I just need to get out of the house and i should probably exercise.
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30 days done!

Well I made it! My 30 days are done and I feel awesome. Thank you to everyone who has supported me physically, emotionally, or financially by sponsoring me in raising fund for The World Wide Fund for Nature. I smashed my first target of $200, and I got pretty close to my second target of $600!