Porridge but not Porridge!

I have recently found out I have an allergy to eggs. Not like a crazy break out in a rash type allergy, but my body doesn’t like eggs as much as my mind does. I used to eat eggs for breakfast nearly every morning, either poached or scrambled, and I loved it! Was super easy to make, could add bacon, avocado, tomato, mushroom etc, whatever! and clean up was a breeze.

This week I decided to try something new. I LOVE porridge. I used to smother it in honey or maple syrup and drown sugar and pears and banana and it was fucking delicious. Now, I cant have sugar or too many carbs / grains.

I’ve mentioned my love of Danielle Walker on my socials, so this week I decided to plan some meals out of her fabulous cook book  “Against All Grain

For breakfast I chose Banana Nut Porridge.

You can find the recipe here 

I had to soak the nuts over night which was a bit weird cause they look like bloated zombie nuts this morning lol.

After this it was super easy and super quick.

You add the ingredients into your mixer. I had to do it in 2 batches because the nuts do “fluff” up when you mix them.

Once its all mixed, you pop it in a pot on medium heat on the stove for about 5 – 8 minutes.

Then dish up, pop in some almond milk and nom nom nom!


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